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A flight attendant with over two decades of flying experience, I first began writing when I had the idea for The Osprey Series back in 2017. I realised that each and every time I got on a flight I met so many new characters, both crew and passengers, and found myself in so many crazy situations, that the potential number of books I could write was endless.

If you are a flight attendant you may recognise yourself in the pages, and if you just love to travel you will love the insight into the lives of those who keep you safe in the skies (and serve you your dinner!!)

All of my books can currently be found on Amazon as eBooks and paperback, and on all other digital platforms such as iBooks and Nook. Each book is based on the story of a different Flight Attendant, all working for the same fictional airline. Whilst the characters and stories are all fictional…. well the ideas must come from somewhere!! 🙌🏻

If you have ten minutes to spare now, why not check out one of my short stories which I have published here for free, link in the menu above👆🏻

In true Flight Attendant fashion the books has been travelling far and wide; follow them on Instagram and join the movement with your own pictures! @kayliekaywritesbooks

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