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Each book in The Osprey Series is based on the story of a different Flight Attendant, all working for the same fictional airline. Sweet Olivia just can’t help worrying about what her boyfriend is doing when she is away, but karma can be a bitch like that. Susan, meanwhile, is having the time of her two lives, but lets just hope she can keep them separated by an ocean… and poor Amber is really struggling with how much life has changed since having a baby.

Whilst the characters and stories may be made up…. well the ideas must come from somewhere!! 🙌🏻

As a flight attendant of over two decades myself, the books were initially written for my ‘flying family,’  those people who shared their stories with me over a cup of tea in the galley at 3am. As they have grown in popularity they are now being enjoyed by crew across the globe, and by people who are intrigued by the unique world in which we live.

Links to where you can buy each of the books can be found in the menu above, along with their descriptions. Each book is quite different, and so since they don’t necessarily need to be read in any order I suggest you pick the character you like the sound of most when deciding which one to read first!

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